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Meet the Managing Director

In October 2020, I formed Chiltern Utility Solutions LTD with the objective of helping businesses and individuals to reduce their energy consumption and related emissions. Since then, I have introduced several new services.

Business Energy Contracts,  Non-Domestic EPCs, Retrofit Coordination, and very soon Domestic Energy Assesments.

Since my teen years in the 1970's, I have been conscious of the impact humans are having on the planet, and keen that such impacts wherever possible be minimised or reversed.

For 21 years, I worked in a medical laboratory during which years I did my first degree with the Open University a part of which covered renewable energy, then in 2003, I decided to study for my masters degree in Renewable Energy Systems at Loughborough University which I completed in 2004.

Since my masters, I spent several years writing website text and business related materials on a wide range of sustainability subjects including Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Carbon Credits, Carbon Capture and Storage etc. before being made redundant and forming my own business with a friend supplying LED lighting.

As a result of illness, I left the business, and got a job looking after a large portfolio of energy water and telephone contracts for clients of a block management company during which I developed a broad understanding of energy contracts, billing, and procurement so eventually leading me to form this company.

Gary Tulie MSc

Loughborough University Renewable Energy Systems 2004