Block Management Energy Contracts

Block Management Energy Contracts

For just under 5 years, I worked for a managing agent who looked after a large number of client block management companies and the communal services required on residential sites - My role was to look after all the client utility services, contract placement, bill checking, raising disputes, filling in VAT declarations, estimating annual utility costs from rates and historic usage.

Chiltern Utility Services is happy to assist with VAT declarations, and with resolving any disputes which might arise during any change over of contract. We will also assist where we can with basic issue resolution free of charge as part of our service. (should more extensive help be required this can be discussed as a paid for service).

In my role I also made the case for energy efficiency measures including estimated cost, kWh and emission savings for LED lighting, and indicative savings from corridor heating controls.

Chiltern Utility Solutions can advise re energy efficiency and arrange installation and maintenance of LED lighting, heating controls, rooftop solar arrays etc. Such solutions can be either bought outright, or subject to section 20 consultation, installed on a lease purchase agreement (complete with maintenance service) with the lease costs covered by energy and other savings.

In my time with the block management company, I dealt with a huge variety of different issues on behalf of clients including under performing communal heating systems, missing plant room insulation, and CHP units installed, but never commissioned and put into operation. 

Ask if you need help we will do our best to assist

Special Requirements

We recognise that Block Management companies have particular needs which many energy brokers do not understand, and which the worst of them seek to circumvent to better serve their own business reasons.


Section 20 Landlord and Tenant Act - Consultation requirement for any contract over 1 year  that might cost any client > £250 

We will never quote a block management company for a contract lasting more than 1 year unless specifically asked.

Every client contract in the client's name

These are the client's bills - not the managing agents bills and need to be assigned accordingly

Separate bills for each supply on a client's premises (each block usually pays its own costs)

Many sites have multiple client meters and individual occupiers pay a share ONLY of relevant meters - if John lives in block 1, he generally does not pay towards the electricity bill of block 2 hence every supply on its own invoice making life simpler for the service charge accountants.

Option for revenue sharing

Each managing agent has its own policies and approach. We are prepared to work open book - with the cost of our services openly stated, and with a commission sharing arrangement open to negotiation. Our commission will always be reasonable as we want the end user to receive a fair deal.