Energy Efficiency - More Important than Ever!

Recently the news has been full of reports of rising gas and electricity prices, and of numerous suppliers exiting the market. 

Many businesses needing to renew their energy contracts are finding that their new contracts are twice as expensive as the old ones!

This is where we can help - we probably won't be able to do a lot about your rate per kWh, but we can help you to squeeze the maximum benefit from every kWh you use!

As commercial EPC assessors we 

1. Start with an EPC assessment and a review of existing usage from energy bills.

2. Where appropriate, arrange sub-metering as appropriate to understand where energy is going.

3. Provide detailed energy efficiency advice - As part of this we will also check whether on site renewable energy options might be appropriate. 

4. Assist where required with project managing the proposed energy efficiency measures 

5. Provide a post improvement EPC assessment to show how actions taken improve the energy performance of the building.

6. Carry out a follow up assessment of energy use post energy efficiency measures. 

In nearly every case, we would expect to identify cost effective opportunities to save at least 10% of energy consumption, and often especially with older buildings far more!