Reducing Residential Energy Consumption and Emissions
I am very happy to share with you the fact that I am now qualified and accredited to practice as a Retrofit Coordinator.
The role involves coordinating domestic retrofit projects with the objective of safely upgrading the energy efficiency of housing to the PAS 2035 standard using a fabric first approach.
The process starts with a Retrofit Assessor surveying a dwelling to form an understanding of how it might be improved, and its current condition. The assessor also has a conversation with its residents (where occupied) to assess what solutions might best suit the dwelling and its residents taking into account their lifestyle and needs.
As coordinator, it is then my role to work with the retrofit team - assessor, designer as well as the landlord / owner etc. to formulate a medium term retrofit plan to in stages improve the efficiency, and reduce the emissions of the dwelling whilst ensuring that the the dwelling fabric remains in good condition and that living in the dwelling is affordable in terms of energy costs.
This done, the coordinator works with the installation team to ensure the project is delivered to standard with the right materials, methods and attention to detail, that all systems are commissioned, and that the dwelling is handed over with full details of its systems, and how to get the best out of them.